Fun Ways to Spend Mother's Day


Mother’s Day is coming soon and we hope this Mother’s Day you will have some fun making memories with your littles. After all, you totally deserve it!

Check out these fun ways you can spend Mother’s Day:


  • Find the humor in family life- Take a long strip of paper and draw three or four squares, like a newspaper comic strip. Think of an event, celebration, or something funny that happened over the past year. You can use markers, paints, or crayons to illustrate the event. This is something older and younger children can help create! Be sure to use dialog and titles. Save your comic strip and create another next year and in the years to come. You can even create a booklet of these so you can look back on them and remember the fun memories!


  • Get pampered- Maybe you want some time alone or the chance to rest and relax. Make sure you get what you need by asking in advance. For example, give your husband and children a list of “services” you desire. Maybe your list includes things like: an hour alone so I can soak in the tub, a chance to sleep in or a manicure at your favorite salon. You can even have your kids create coupons with these items so you can redeem them on Mother’s Day.


  • Plant some flowers- If you like to plant flowers, you can create a real live Mother’s Day canvas. First, purchase various flower seeds that grow quickly and well in your state. You can have your kids draw a picture or write a short message in the dirt with a stick. Drop the flower seeds in the dirt lines, cover them up and water. Before you know it, you will have a fun and unique message (or picture) in your garden and you will have a Mother’s Day gift that keeps on growing!



Another fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day is by wearing Mommy and Me tees! Here at Oliver and Olivia, we have designed some super cute and fun shirts that will surely bring a smile to your face. Show your love for one another by rockin’ these while you are out and about with your kiddos!




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Here’s to all the moms out there. May we say that you are #THEBESTMOMEVER!


“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no else can take!”

-Cardinal Mermillod


Happy Mother’s Day!


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