Have A Better Beach Day with Your Kids (and Look Good Too)

Summer is HERE! Don’t let intimidation keep you at home this summer. From sun protection to the best types of towels to use, we found some helpful tips on how you can have a great beach day with your kiddos!


  • Go early- or go late. Either go bright and early and end with lunch at the beach or head to the beach after an afternoon nap. This will keep you all from being out in the sun with the UV rays are highest.


  • Master the art of sunscreen. The best way to apply sunscreen is to slather on a cream while completely naked before you head out for the day. Apply so much that you will need to wait for it to sink in before you get dressed.


  • Build your own oasis. Grab a sun umbrella and build a shade fortress. This can include an umbrella and a tent so there is enough room for everyone to be full protected while eating and playing.


  • Treat your car like a desert island. Freeze water bottles and leave them in your car. You will have cold drinks waiting for you at the end of a hot day and you won’t resort to buying bottled water.


  • Discover Turkish towels. Turkish towels are flat-woven towels that are lightweight and take up a lot less space in your beach bag than their terry-cloth counterparts. They are still soft enough to make kids feel cozy after a dip.


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Source: https://www.parents.com/fun/vacation/how-to-have-better-beach-day-with-kids/