Have Some Fun with Your Baby This Summer

Have Some Fun With Your Baby This Summer


If you’re a mom that has been trapped inside at home changing endless diapers, breastfeeding every few hours and catching up on sleep when you can, you might feel like there’s no possible way you can have any fun this summer. We are here to tell you that we found some super fun things you can do with your baby so you can get out and about and enjoy your summer together!


Pack a Picnic.


Grab a blanket, pack a lunch and head to your local park! You can let your baby feel the grass on their feet and have him lie on your lap while you both watch the leaves rustle the wind. Even if your baby is still super young, they will enjoy watching other people play!


Head to the Pool


Most community pools will have designated times for family swim. This is a great time to hop in and watch your baby’s face light up as they experience the water for the first time! Try to find a time when the pool is not too crowded so you can avoid splashing teenagers or swimmers who are exercising. This will be refreshing for both you and baby!


Visit the Pet Store


Jump in the car and head to your closest pet store. Here you can watch your baby laugh when they see little puppies and kittens jumping around! You can show the animals and help baby wave hello to them.


And if you’re like us, you will want to dress baby cute every time you go out! Check out our ADORABLE headbands for babies:


baby head wrap


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No matter how you choose to enjoy your summer, we hope and pray you stay safe and enjoy your time together!

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