Ways to Make Your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Feel Extra Special

If you have plans to include a flower girl and ring bearer in your wedding, we definitely recommend doing something to make them feel extra special! Kids like to be the center of attention and it may be hard for them to accept the fact that on your wedding day, the focus will not be entirely on them. You can help them feel included by doing something for them. Here at Oliver and Olivia Apparel, we have a few items that will help your pint-sized attendants not only look adorable, but feel extraordinary as well!


ring bearer shirt



This super sporty Ring Bearer shirt will look perfect on any little man. This striped short- sleeve shirt is comfy and cool. Plus, it is completely customizable! (The shirt pictured is the navy stripe.) Click HERE for more color options!)


flower girl outfit


This Flower Girl Tutu set will make your flower girl feel like a pretty princess. You can customize the top and the tutu comes in a variety of colors. Click HERE to see all of the options!


Here are some other fun ways you can make your flower girl and ring bearer feel extra loved:


  • Invite them to be in your wedding in a special way- For example, fill a balloon with the invitation and ask them to pop it or order them a customized puzzle! How cute are these?!


  • Ask them to help you choose what they wear- Do some shopping ahead of time and choose a few outfits for each of them. Then take them shopping and ask them to choose their favorite. Make a day of it. Let it be something they won’t forget!


  • Give them something fun to carry- Consider a fun and clever sign instead of the traditional ring pillow or flowers. (The fact is, the flower girl may forget to toss those petals and the ring bearer won’t REALLY have the rings.) A fun sign will also look adorable in photos!


  • Plan a special dance with them- Imagine just how special they might feel if you pull them out onto the dance floor! You can have them dance together or plan something fun with the DJ or band.


If you have something else in mind, let us know. We love to create custom outfits and gifts and we would love to play a part in your special day! No matter what you choose, have fun with it and enjoy spoiling your flower girl and ring bearer. They are only little once.